Accumulation Charts for Instant-Runoff Voting

For displaying the results of Instant-runoff voting (IRV) for single-winner elections and single-transferrable voting (STV) for multi-winner elections.
See our preprint or our paper in the Notices of the AMS. By Bridget Tenner and Greg Warrington. Information
on how to read the charts.
Historical election to show

Ballot coloring method Descriptions below chart
Show exhausted votes Not available in all data sets
Round order
First on left First on right

Chart is zoomable; hover for information on ballots
Note: The data we use to create these charts may differ slightly from the final, certified data. Also, there are different, reasonable choices as to how to deal with the various imperfect types of ranked ballots. As this page exists primarily to illustrate Accumulation Charts, and due to limited resources, we have not made a determined effort to track down the specific rules used for each election. github repository for code.

Options for how ballots are colored: