KLPOL - version 1.0 - released July 9, 2002

About: klpol is a java program for computing type A Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials. klpol is released under the GPL. It has a rudimentary user interface. Currently, you need the java runtime environment to try the program out. You can read about its capalities/limitations and how to use it here. Here is a sample run.
Download: You should get one of the following....
java.15.jar - jar file for java v1.5
java.14.jar - jar file for java v1.4
java.13.jar - jar file for java v1.3 (old)
java.12.jar - jar file for java v1.2 (old)
klpol-1.0.tgz - gzipped tar file of everything (old)